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Welcome to North Star Studios!

Immediate Job Openings

About Us

Welcome to Ontario’s newest film production studio. From the very beginning, North Star Studios was designed with one key focus: to make it as easy as possible for film, television and other content producers to do what they do best… create amazing content!

We’re dedicated to providing you with everything you need to assure production success. We aim to give you every facility and service you need to produce your content in a streamlined, efficient and timely manner, with as few complications or encumbrances as possible.

With that goal in mind, North Star Studios offers you so much more than just studio space.

We’ve put together a wide palette of services (physical, administrative… and beyond) as described on the following pages. These services are all available with us, in one place, omitting the hassle of sourcing and administering them all individually. We’ll identify and facilitate those options that are most advantageous to your particular project.

If your production needs it, North Star Studios can provide it.

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