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Long Road

The Northern Ontario Edge

Bringing your project to Northern Ontario has many additional benefits.

North Bay, often referred to as the “Gateway to the North,” is located a mere 3-hour drive from Toronto, so it’s easily accessible on a scenic four lane divided highway (Hwy. 11).

We also enjoy easy air access, including for private aircraft, prop or jet. The North Bay Airport boasts the second longest airport in the province. Plus, the airport is a 15-minute drive from our facilities.

In North Bay proper, everything is within a 15 to 20 minute drive to anything else, so there’s very little time wasted in travelling to and from the studios, or to local shooting locations. Larger markets can have significant mobility issues and can be a production’s logistical nightmare, driving up costs and causing delays.

Another big advantage to North Bay is that the municipality and the community at large are very receptive and cooperative. It can be very challenging in the bigger, denser markets to shut down city streets, reroute traffic, use public buildings and spaces, etc. In North Bay, it’s way more open and way less complicated. There are fewer intrusions by a respectful public, so fewer safety and liability concerns on film sets. Plus, municipal operations are not really impeded here, and there are fewer inspections, permits, and officials to deal with.

All in all, your production will find a great home here with North Star Studios.

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