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Production Support Services

Our comprehensive spectrum of support services is available to you in a mix that is ideally suited to your unique production (and the list is always growing).

We’ll help you determine what you require for your unique circumstances then, we’ll put it all together and administrate it for you.

On Location Shoot Logistics

Locations                                                               View Gallery

  • North Star Studios’ staff have an intimate knowledge of the area, and experience meeting the location needs of productions.

  • Our staff are available to assist your production in finding the perfect location for offsite shoots.

  • We also have various ready-made (but adaptable) locations & sets, including; hospital/medical, manufacturing, airports and aviation, high-tech, and many others.

On Location Shoot Logistics

  • North Star Studios will facilitate all required onsite shooting logistics.

  • This includes handling municipal film permit applications and all ancillary fees.

  • Our services include: arranging use of police support, obtaining film permits, setting up road closures, use of public facility permissions, and anything else your project entails.

Wardrobe                                                              View Gallery

  • North Star Studios has an onsite Wardrobe Coordinator who can assist with your wardrobe needs.

  • The Studio also has a wide variety of uniforms, including police, military, prison, sports teams, and many more, that are available for rent.

  • We also have a collection of fabrics available.

Props & Picture Vehicles                                          View Gallery

  • North Star Studios has an onsite Property Master who can assist you with locating, renting, and transporting props.

  • Wide variety of picture vehicles are available for rental.

  • Wide variety of props including multiple aircraft, helicopters, medical, technical, industrial and aviation props.

Transportation & Accomodation

  • Our Transportation and Accommodations Coordinator will arrange accommodation (both hotels and private residences), rental cars, specialty rental vehicles, and other transportation including commercial and private air travel for your production.

  • Your production pays the studio directly for all accommodations and rentals. No need to negotiate, make arrangements and pay suppliers individually.

  • North Star Studios has negotiated rates from all suppliers based on combined volume of multiple projects, which lowers costs.

  • Services may also include: Drivers; Transport Captains; black-car services including, sedans, large SUVs, and people-mover vans, all booked on a daily basis.

Craft Services (Catering)

  • North Star Studios has an onsite Craft Services Coordinator to help with your needs.

  • Craft services can be arranged, and billed to your production by North Star Studios, including speciality requests, without needing to negotiate and arrange with local suppliers.

  • All food services requirements can be provided for.

HR & Crew

  • North Star Studios will provide HR and crew services in-house to our clients, as required.

  • This includes crew lists and availability.


  • North Star Studios has a security consultant and coordinator to assist with any security requirements.

  • We can assist with security both on studio property and at location shoots.

  • These services are also available for transportation, and cast security.


  • North Star Studios has a unique system for your production’s communication while at our facilities.

  • Cell services are offered on a daily basis. Phones are provided with unlimited Canada/United States calling and texting. Data is also included.

  • Push to Talk service on all devices (replicates a walkie-talkie, but with additional flexibility).

  • Can include a call routing system for your production, with an automated attendant, customized directory of users and grouping of user types.

  • We can also provide you with a ‘real person,’ live attendant, dedicated exclusively to you.

Equipment & Specialty Rentals

  • North Star Studios has relationships with film equipment providers with equipment onsite.

  • We have additional relationships with suppliers in the area to provide additional equipment.

  • Star wagons, honey wagons, mobile offices, makeup and wardrobe trailers, and cargo trailers are all available, and come with drivers, insurance, and fuel provided.

Insurance & Bonds

  • North Star Studios has a variety of insurance products available for your productions including:

    • Production Insurance

    • General Liability Coverage

    • Equipment Protection

    • Completion Bonds

    • Location Coverages

Immigration / Visas

  • North Star Studios is a trusted CBSA partner, and therefore able to secure work visas within 24 hours of application.

  • We handle administration, documentation, follow-up and finalization of visa records.

  • We can streamline the immigration process in most cases


  • North Star Studios has provided for medial services for your productions including:

    • Doctor on call

    • On-site nurse and nurse’s station

    • Many safety-related stations are located onsite

Product Placement

  • North Star Studios can identify and arrange for product placement opportunities for your production.

  • We will negotiate and facilitate the best scenarios, on your behalf.

Custom Fabrication

  • North Star Studios has excellent in-house facilities for fabricating whatever your production might need.

  • Our shops include; 3D printers in plastic and metal; plasma cutters; metal and wood fabrication; and other capabilities.

  • Additionally, we have access to a host of other fabricators, constructors and makers.

Props & Picture Vehicles
Transportation & Accomodation
Craft Services
HR & Crew
Equipment & Specialty Rentals
Insurance & Bonds
Immigration / Visas
Product Placement
Custom Fabrication
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