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Financial, Administrative, Legal, & Benefit Services

Let’s face it. Many production companies find these aspects of the project to be the most burdensome. We’ll handle all of these functions as if your project was our project. We’ll use every possible channel to make your production as cost effective and profitable as possible.

Tell us about your project and we’ll work hard to insure that you get every opportunity and economy you can.

The Basic Financial Advantages

If you’re from the U.S.A., you have the immediate benefit of the currency exchange. Your dollar will be worth 30% more up here!

Then, northern physical ‘costs to shoot’ (stage rentals, etc.) are typically 20% less than in the Toronto Film Zone, and of course, they’re significantly less than in Vancouver, Atlanta, Los Angeles or England.

Plus, your film tax credits will increase by 10% more than in the Toronto Film Zone. We’ll source all the federal and provincial tax credits available to your particular production.

Additionally, you may be eligible for up to $2 million in potential grants from the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation.

Script Breakdown & Budgeting
Tax Credit & Grant Applications
Various Administration & Legal

Script Breakdown & Budgeting

  • Line Producer and/or Unit Production Manager assigned to your production.

  • Comprehensive script breakdown.

  • Complete script budget within 1 week.

  • Estimations of available Film Tax Credits.

  • Any other economies and savings that we can provide.

  • NOTE: All information from our clients, scripts, etc., is held in the strictest confidence.

Tax Credit & Grant Applications

  • Our team will facilitate applications for available tax credits and grants.

  • Includes the preparation, submission, and management of applications for Ontario, Canada and Northern Ontario film grants and any other available incentives.

Various Administration & Legal

  • North Star Studios can assist with a variety of administration and legal services for your production including, but not limited to:

    • Corporate set-ups & dissolutions

    • Legal advice

    • Accounting advice.

Production, Accounting, Payroll, & Reporting Services

  • Team of dedicated bookkeeping and accounting professionals to manage the production.

  • Includes regular reports, AP management, film industry specific account to maximize film tax amounts.

Coming Soon...

Film Credit Financing

  • North Star Studios has a department dedicated to the financing of film tax credits.

  • Funding mechanisms include lending against film tax credits and re-selling tax credits.

Minimum Guarantee Financing

  • Minimum Guarantee Financing is available for film projects with demonstrated distribution agreements.

  • Our team will facilitate the financing of your distribution contracts.

Production, Accounting, & More
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